Welcome to Sound Remedy Loudspeaker Repair Service Sound Remedy specializes in repairing vintage loudspeakers used in antique radios, automobiles, jukeboxes, and musical instruments as well as stereo and professional speakers. RICH STAMER is the owner/operator of Sound Remedy Loudspeaker Repair Service. Rich purchased the loudspeaker repair division of a 48 year old radio/television parts distribution company in 1987 and relocated the busness to Collingswood, New Jersey. Reconing involves the replacement of all the “soft” parts; cone, voice coil, spider, dust cap and gasket. Refoaming is the replacement of the rotted foam surround on woofers. Sound Remedy’s repairs are meticulous and guaranteed. RELIABLE - PROMPT - GUARANTEED SERVICE & REPAIRS Welcome “We give your speaker a second chance, since 1987”